Campeche Culture

Souvenirs Campeche

Within the local culture, Ciudad del Carmen and its island stand out, where visitors can get natural materials for their crafts like shells, snails and fish scales. These are used for making lamps, ashtrays, vases, earrings, pins, key chains, jewelry boxes and other souvenirs related to the sea. Also miniature boats and animal figures are done using these resources.


In Campeche Culture some of the crafts include woodcarving pieces such as spice rack, ashtrays, key chains, jewelry boxes, cigarette cases, checkbook holder, salt shakers, kitchen boards and meat tenderizers; while others are dedicated to the carving of bull horn for creating bracelets, earrings, hair brooches and letter openers.

Campeche Culture

Hipil Campechana Dress

Identifying Campeche, it is found the regional costume of Campeche, with its typical blouses for women like the peninsular hipil and the “Campechana” identify Campeche Culture. In its most elaborated form, the hipil is usually a white dress of the same dimension from top to bottom, stitched by both sides, with openings for the arms and head, and a rectangular hole for the neck. Both sleeves and bottom of the dress is decorated with colorful embroidery. Below the hipil, it is used a long petticoat known as fustan.

The men’s suit consists of a Filipina in white linen, with white pants and espadrilles, plus a stylish hat. Another typical male costume which is part of Campeche Culture is white pants, wide at the hips and a long white shirt fastened with gold buttons joined by a chain, a hippie japa hat and leather sandals with medium heels.