Main Cities in Campeche Mexico

San Francisco de Campeche

San Francisco de Campeche

The main city is San Francisco de Campeche, known as Campeche, declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, due to its military constructions from the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries, its traditional houses with Andalucian and Caribbean influence, and an urbanization model of baroque colonial city. It still has some ruins of the old wall which surrounded the city at its early ages, in addition to its historical bastions, gates, forts, its center and traditional neighborhoods.

campeche ciudad del carmen

Ciudad del Carmen

Ciudad del Carmen, it is situated in the main city of the municipality of the same name, located to the west of the Isle of Carmen, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Terminos Lagoon.

campeche laguna de terminos

Laguna de Terminos

It is one of the most important centers of Mexican Petroleum; besides, it has a great touristic potential due to its natural attractions, elements that make it the most economically important city of the state.


Since 2008, it is being implemented the Regional program for the development of tourism in the coastal corridor, from the City of San Francisco de Campeche to Ciudad del Carmen, promoting the development of tourism in this coastal strip, thus fomenting beach tourism, cruise tours and sport fishing, in order to encourage real-state services and nature beyond the traditional sun-and-beach tourism. It was also formulated the Regional program of Urban-touristic development of Escarcega –Xpujil Corridor, aimed at tourism projects that favor the orderly growth of population density and the impact of their economic activity in the region.



Palizada, it is a peculiar town of neoclassic architecture located at the shore of Palizada River.

campeche becal

Becál Campeche

Becál, small town where neoclassical constructions are combined with Mayan huts.

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