Campeche Business & Economy

Campeche Farming

Campeche’s economy is sustained on dissimilar productive sectors, including oil, tourism, agriculture, fishing and manufacturing, which together with the services and trade contribute to the state domestic product. It is the leading national producer of sapodilla, pumpkin seed and paddy rice, however, other tropical fruits are cultivated such as orange, lemon, papaya, mango manila, sugarcane, watermelon, guava and almond.

Campeche oil production

The extraction of crude oil is the most important activity in the state of Campeche, representing more than 45% of the GDP of the state, which is mainly concentrated in Ciudad del Carmen.

Campeche Fishing

Regarding the livestock, mainly cattle and pigs are raised, using an operating system of extensive type with rotational waste land. Fishing is very important since many people in the region depend on aquatic resources for their livelihoods, these shores host several species of high demand for domestic and international consumption as shrimp and shark, besides it is the state with the largest catch of mackerel and sea bass.


The manufacturing industry consists of companies dedicated to the packaging and conservation of marine species. However, there are others for the production of drinks, biscuits and flour as well as for packaging and filtering of honey.


As for the commercial sector, it is traditional and composed of small establishments, most of which are family businesses, but in recent decades malls and plazas have been introduced. Regarding the services sector the most important activity is tourism, with spectacular natural and historical attractions that make visitors enjoy a variety of landscapes and get close to the legacy of the Mayan culture and the colonial epoch.