Campeche Sabancuy

Campeche Beaches & Coastline

Campeche Sabancuy Due to the extension of its coastline, a variety of natural landscapes with beautiful ledges and coves highlight, such as Champotón which also has a wide strip of sand like Punta Xen, Sabancuy, Chenkan, Port Royal, Isla Aguada, Tortugueros, Xicalango and North Beach. Punta Xen Beach Campeche Puerto Real Campeche Isla Aguada Island […]

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Campeche Isla Aguada Beach

Campeche Ecotourism includes caves such as Xculhoc, Chuncedro and Xtacumbilxuna’an or Mujer Escondida. The major beaches frequented by visitors are in the municipalities of Campeche, Champotón and Ciudad del Carmen. In Campeche, these beaches include Mar Azul, San Lorenzo and Playa Bonita. In Ciudad del Carmen, they include La Maniagua, Bahamita, Sabancuy, Playa Caracol also […]

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