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Campeche Flora & Fauna

Laguna de Términos Mangroves, its brackish waters have developed a number of aquatic species such as sea bass, small sharks, crabs, oysters, turtles, and storks. The Laguna de Términos lagoon is located in the southwest of the state, near the Tabasco border. It is separated from the Gulf of Mexico only by the Isla del […]


Campeche | Miguel Colorado of Cenote

Away from the coast, these rainforests are interspersed with savannah areas and along the coast are accompanied by areas with sand dunes, mangrove wetlands and estuaries. Rainforest areas subdivide into a number of types which include perennial tall tree rainforest, semi perennial tall tree rainforest, deciduous medium height tree rainforest, semi deciduous medium height tree […]


Geography Campeche Mexico

Campeche is a comparatively flat area of Mexico with approx 530 km of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico. The majority of the surface is of sedimentary rock much of which is from marine or coral origin. The place with the highest elevations is near the borders with Guatemala and Quintana Roo regions. Notable mountainous […]